Packaging guidelines

To ensure that the contents of your shipment are not damaged during transport, it is important to package them properly.

Fill the box up

After placing what you would like to send into the cardboard box, fill the remaining space with filling material to ensure that the box is fully filled. This will minimize the risk that your shipment is damaged by other shipments.

Old newspapers and corrugated cardboard will make good filling materials.


Containers of fluids or creams require extra liquid absorbing material in order to prevent damage in case of leakage.

Shock absorption 

Each item should be wrapped in shock absorbing material. It should be possible to shake the box without the content moving..

Glass, pottery and other items that are particularly sensitive should be packed with extra care.

Use corrugated cardboard or bubble wrap and adhesive tape.

Sharp items

To avoid sharp items causing injury, such as knives and scissors, cover them with a piece of plastic piping.